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RE: tlhIngan wo' Dujmey

The Negh'Var first apearred as the flagship in "The way of the Warrior"
(DS9) which was during the Klingon Cardassian War.  This was in the real
universe, and yes, they both have four "naceles"...

point of intrest, the Negh'Var was a modification of the future Klingon ship
in "All good things..." (TNG).  Just thought I would let everyone know.



> Voragh:
> > If we assume that things in the "real" universe have counterparts in the
> > Mirror Universe, then there is the huge battleship Negh'Var, which was
> > the Regent's flagship. It may be that there is a Negh'Var in the "real"
> > universe in drydock somewhere reserved for the emperor or in
> development.
> > I believe we saw another ship of this class 25 years after the
> events of
> > TNG in "All Good Things..." patrolling recently conquered Romulan space.
> quljIb:
> : I just recieved my Star Trek Magazine:Issue #2 which features data on
> : Klingons. Turns out the Negh'Var *does* exist in the "real universe" and
> : is now the flagship of the Empire, replacing the Vor'cha in this duty.
> : Like the experimental USS Prometheus, the Negh'Var has 2 M/A warp cores
> : and 4 naceles giving it unpresidented speed and range.
> latlh 'u'Daq loS HanDogh ghaj'a' neghvar may'Duj?  'e' vIqawbe'.
> (Did the Mirror Universe Negh'Var have four nacelles?  I don't remember.)
> --
> Voragh
> Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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