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More qachQeD

FAIL TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS AT YOUR PERIL!  (Sorry, just getting into character.  Actually, I'd be honored by any help.)

1) What have people done for *fortress*, *castle*, or *stronghold*?   I can't find anything closer than <waw'>.

2) I suppose *barracks* would have to be <mangqach>?

3) How would <ta'juH'a'> do for *Imperial Palace*?

4) Any ideas for *skyscraper* or *tower* without resorting to <qach'a'> or <qach jen>?  (Something metaphoric, perhaps, like <HuDqach>)

5) How about *opera* and *opera house*?  (<bomvaS'a'>?)

6) <quv> apparently means *supreme* as well as *honorable* (e.g., <la'quv>, <ra'ghomquv>, <yejquv>).  N'est-ce pas?


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