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David Trimboli schrieb:
> It may be a matter of style, but then again, it may be a matter of
> grammar.
> In English, we're allowed to elide words to come up with "Are you hungry
> or thirsty?"  In different contexts, this might mean "Are you hungry or
> are you thirsty (which one?)" or "Are you hungry?  Are you thirsty?
> (Either?)"

I only gave this as an example, perhabs it was no good choice. I came up
with this question when I asked qabrIQ "Is it a riddle or a question?".
Is there a way to say this in klingon as short as possible (asap :-) ?
We have no word for "question", so let's use something else:

"Is that a targ or a cat?" 
{targh 'oH'a' pagh vIghro' 'oH'a'}
I use {pagh} because it cannot be both... But now the {-'a'} confuses
me, "Yes/no" as an answer makes no sense!

Or would a Klingon simply say {Ha'DIbaHvetlh yIngu'/yIpong}?


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