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KLBC: taH lut

ngabpa' mara, qaS wanI'meyvam.

(These things happened before Mara disappeared.)

1. paq vIje'meH 'ej jupwI' mara vIleghmeH veng wa'DIch vIleng.

(I travelled to First City to buy books and to see my friend Mara.)

2. paq vIje'ta' maSoPmeH Qe' wIwIvbogh wI'el.

(After I bought my books we went to eat in the restaurant we had chosen.)

3. raS retlhDaq quSDaq maba'DI' <nuq Soj boneH DaH HIja'> jatlh jabwI'.

(As soon as we sat down in chairs next to the table the waitress said "what
do you want and be quick about it.")

4.  mamoD wIneHmo' SIbI' wIjang.  <qagh baqghol je> wIjatlh.

(Because we were in a hurry we responded immediately, "gagh and bahgol.")

5.  wa' qagh SopDI' mara 'ej wa' Hivje' baqghol tlhutlhDI' pay' jach ghaH:

(Mara took one bite of the gagh and one drink of the bahgol and suddenly

6.  <ghuy'cha' Ha'DIbaH. qagh Qop, baghol bIr.  'up 'ej 'up,> jatlh.

("%@$&@! Dead gagh and cold bahgol.  Disgusting and disgusting," she said.)

7. <DapollaH pagh DapolHa'laH> jatlh jabwI'.

("What do I care?" said the waitress.)

8.  <qablIj HI'ang> jatlhpa' mara, Do' SuvchoH cha' SuvwI' ghoHchuqtaHbogh.

(Before Mara could challenge her to a duel luckily two warriors who were
arguing began to fight.)

9.  Quchqu' jIH.  Mara yoH law' jIH yoH puS.  nom Qe'vo' mara vIyuv.

(Boy was I glad.  I'm not so brave as she is.  Quickly I pushed Mara out of
the restaurant.)


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