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ja' pagh:
>> poSwIj mIn riQ peymo' vaghHu'
>The Klingon Dictionary is not very clear on this, but it is best to put
>clauses with <-mo'> at the beginning of the sentence.  It may be just good
>style, or it may be grammatically required.

Since this {-mo'} "clause" is a noun, not a verbal clause, it is quite
definitely grammatically required to place it at the beginning.

TKD 6.1. "Basic sentences" (page 62):
| Any noun in the sentence indicating something other than subject
| or object comes first, before the object noun.  Such nouns usually
| end in a Type 5 noun suffix (section 3.3.5).

>> pIchwIj .
>This is not a complete sentence. It's just "my fault". An expression a lot
>of list members use to say "it was/is my fault" is <pIch vIghaj>.

This is solidly based on the example on page 170 of The Klingon Dictionary
(it's also found on page 1):  {pIch vIghajbe'} "It's not my fault."

-- ghunchu'wI'

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