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Re: tlhIngan qachQeD (Klingon architecture)?

Ach!! I wanted to write {bey' yoS}. Where's veqlargh? I'm going to hurt
him for that!

On Tue, 4 May 1999, David Trimboli wrote:

> This last one, {ghotpu'vaD yoS} (you obviously meant {ghot}, not {ghut}),
> is an example of a <N-5 N> construction, of which Krankor seems quite
> fond.  However, they seem to be illegal (though there's a possible
> exception or two in the Bird of Prey poster), according to TKD, section 3.
> In the part about Noun-Noun constructions, we learn that you cannot put a
> Type 5 noun suffix on the first noun of a Noun-Noun construction.  That's
> what {ghotpu'vaD yoS} is.
> However, I don't see why this particular construction wouldn't work, in
> the right context, as {ghotpu' yoS} "people's area."
> I'm also not sure about {bey' Huv} for "display area," since {bey'} could
> very well mean the sort of display that you put on your wall to show
> something off, and it may or may not be appropriate for wares for sale.
> In any case, what exactly is an "unobstructed display"?  An empty display?
> SuStel
> Stardate 99339.7

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