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Re: tlhIngan qachQeD (Klingon architecture)?

This last one, {ghotpu'vaD yoS} (you obviously meant {ghot}, not {ghut}),
is an example of a <N-5 N> construction, of which Krankor seems quite
fond.  However, they seem to be illegal (though there's a possible
exception or two in the Bird of Prey poster), according to TKD, section 3.
In the part about Noun-Noun constructions, we learn that you cannot put a
Type 5 noun suffix on the first noun of a Noun-Noun construction.  That's
what {ghotpu'vaD yoS} is.

However, I don't see why this particular construction wouldn't work, in
the right context, as {ghotpu' yoS} "people's area."

I'm also not sure about {bey' Huv} for "display area," since {bey'} could
very well mean the sort of display that you put on your wall to show
something off, and it may or may not be appropriate for wares for sale.
In any case, what exactly is an "unobstructed display"?  An empty display?

Stardate 99339.7

jatlh quljIb:
>I was poking around my TKD, and staring me right in the face was {yoS}
>"district/area". {yoS Huv} - "open area" works well, as does {bey' Huv} -
>"display area". One can also say {ghutpu'vaD yoS} - "public space (lit.
>district/area for the people)".

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