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Dal DaHjaj.  pIchwIj 'oH 'e' vISov.  DaHjaj jIpIlbe'.  jIbuD.  chaq
jIvumnIS.  tuj tuqwIj.  QorwaghwIj vIpoSmoHlaHbe'.  tlhIch lutlhuH
jIlpu'wI'.  QorwaghwIj vIpoSmoHchugh, tuqwIj 'el tlhIch.  tuqwIjDaq
tlhIch vIlargh vIneHbe'.  rut, jIvumtaHvIS, tlhIch vItlhuH.  meq
vIghajbe'.  QIp.  vIpar.  motlh, Dochmeyvam vIjatlhchugh, "charghwI'
SoQ" vIpIH 'ach naDev ghaHbe'.  jatlh charghwI' 'e' vIHar.....

<Dal DaHjaj 'e' DaHarchugh yIvang!> 'ej <not  thlIch yItlhuH!  chIrgh
'oH porghlIj'e'!>

Dal DaHjaj.  naDev ghaHbe' loDnalwI''e'.  vumtaH.

taghwI' jIH'a'?  'e' vIHarbe'.  nuq jIH?  pIn jIHbe'chu'.  ngoQmeywIjvo'
jIHop.  chaq taghwI' jIH.  ram 'e' vIloy.  naDev SerwIjmo' jIQuch.  DaH
jItam 'ej jIHaD.


SKI:  I'm whining because I'm bored and because my neighbors are smoking
outside and it's blowing in my window and I imagine charghwI' would tell
me to stop whining if he were here.  Then I change the subject, whine
some more, and wonder what my status as a Klingon speaker is.  Finally,
it's all out of my system so I decide to shut up and go memorize some

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