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Re: Up a blind alley

jIja' quljIb:
>> >I'm rather surprised KGT doesn't give much info. on directions.
>> Dochmey luneHlu'bogh tetlh wIgherqa'DI', De'vam wIpoQbej.
>nuqjatlh? jIyajbe'qu'.

ja' ghunchu'wI' 
> Hoch DIS, qep'a'Daq maghomDI', letlh le' magher.
> pab wISovchu'be'bogh wIqel 'ej QIjlu' 'e' wItlhob.
> mu'mey wIyajchu'be'bogh wIqel 'ej QIjlu' 'e' wItlhob.
> qechmey DIqellaHchu'be'bogh wIqel 'ej mu'mey chu' pab chu' joq DItlhob.
> Marc Okrand-vaD letlhvam wInob.  batlh matlhobchugh, chaq numa'.
> DaH bIyaj'a'?
I realize I should have been more specific. I cannot find the words
{letlh}, {gher}, and {qel}. Other than that, I get the gist of the


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