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Re: Can't you post the translation with the klingon text please?

ja' "Lt. Ryo Saeba" <>:
>Like the subject.

ghobe', per vIpar.  Holna' wIjatlhtaH 'e' luyajbe' 'op nuvpu'.

When I write long passages in Klingon, I generally don't even think about
how it would be translated.  This is a real language, like Italian (well,
not exactly like Italian, but you know what I mean), and asking someone
to translate everything he writes in Italian just so you can read it can
be a bit irksome.

At a certain level of conversational fluency, the reader understands words
on sight without consciously translating them.  On several occasions, I have
actually forgetten whether someone wrote in English or Klingon when I thought
about what the message said.  A couple of times I was about to forward a note
from the tlhIngan-Hol mailing list to a friend or co-worker when I realized
that it wasn't written in a language they'd be able to read. :-)


It's pronounced (and spelled) {Qapla'}.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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