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    First, I posted a writing a short time ago simply titled "my fight". I
would like to thank those that replied and showed a few corrections needed
to be made. I lost the names of those when I hit the wrong button. 

    Second, I see it is common for a Klingon House to have a motto. I have
set mine to say... "Success and go with Honor." Someone told me the original
was not correct, (it appears in my E-Mail signature.)

   I have came up with four ways to say it.

   Qapla' 'ej batlh ghoS  (original)
   Qapla' 'ej batlh SughoS
   Qapla' 'ej batlhqu' SughoS  (placing "with Honor" as emphatic)
   Qapla' 'ej batlh SughoSqu'  (placing "You go" as emphatic)

    Would any one of the above statements be correct?


Qapla''ej batlh ghoS!

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