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The Klingon Survey, Part Two

Hello all,

Some time ago I posted a request for people to fill out a survey. This
survey was made to profile "the average Klingon speaker". I'm writing my
thesis "Klingon and its speakers. A sociolinguistic profile." Remember

Already a lot of people responded (thanks!). But I need many more people to
make an accurate profile. As far as I know, this attempt to profile to group
of Klingon speakers, is the first one. You all are a famous group, but
accurate data is still missing. Now you understand that a lot of people
(for example other researchers and the media) are very interested in my
thesis. It will become available on the Internet, so you can read what I
have done. 

If you want this profile to be accurate and correct, fill the survey out
and therefore adding your own characteristics (do not worry; you are all
anonymous) to my profile. It won't take much of your time and is fun to
fill out. 
Some comments on the survey are for example: "Well done, I like the
format. majOa'", "This survey has good questions.", "Thank you
(choquvmoH). I am glad to help you in all ways possible.", "Well
assembled. I would be very interested in reading your final thesis."

Also interested in reading my final thesis? Fill in this survey,
available at:  

Judith Hermans
Judith Hendriks-Hermans
Groesbeeksedwarsweg 229       NL-6521 DJ Nijmegen,          
The Netherlands,              (..+31)(0)24-3609989
" wie het laatst lacht, heeft een erg traag gevoel voor humor"

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