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On Mon, 3 May 1999 wrote:

>     Second, I see it is common for a Klingon House to have a motto. I have
> set mine to say... "Success and go with Honor." Someone told me the original
> was not correct, (it appears in my E-Mail signature.)
>    I have came up with four ways to say it.
>    Qapla' 'ej batlh ghoS  (original)
>    Qapla' 'ej batlh SughoS
>    Qapla' 'ej batlhqu' SughoS  (placing "with Honor" as emphatic)
>    Qapla' 'ej batlh SughoSqu'  (placing "You go" as emphatic)

Just a suggestion: {Qapla' 'ej batlh SughoSjaj} "Success, and may you go
with Honour"


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