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Re: KLBC qaDHom

Quj vIje'laHbejqu'!

You prefer "I buy a record of a game" over "I buy a game"?  Perhaps I'm not
seeing a special problem, but what's wrong with saying {Quj vIje'} in
reference to a computer game?  It's a game, and you buy it!

(And watch out for those doubled Type 5 verb suffixes there!)

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Date: Monday, June 28, 1999 4:01 AM
Subject: Re: KLBC qaDHom

>qechlIjQav vIqaD.  Klingon most probably does not behave as does English.
>Klingon is not English and is not based on English.  Attempting to analyze
>Klingon by using English-speaker's thought processes will only lead to
>further errors.  {Quj ta vIje'} vIlo'qang, 'ach {Quj vIje'} vIlo'qangbe'.
>{Quj QujlaHlu' 'ach je'laHbe'lu'} 'e' vIHarbej.

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