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Re: KLBC qaDHom

In a message dated 6/24/1999 2:55:12 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<<  > Lacking another word for "kit, pieces," I have recommended the
 > word "paraphernalia."
 <'aH> DaghItlh 'e' DaHech, qar'a'?
 > Perhaps others can suggest a better word. I get the feeling
 > that Quj is the object of the verb Quj, the game one plays,
 > not the kit.
 nuq vIje'ta'? Doch'e' vIje'ta'bogh vIDelmeH, Quj vIpong. Quj'e' je'laH'a'
 vay'? qIt 'e' vIHar, 'ach chaq jImuj (... 'ach 'e' vIHon). lughbej <De'wI'
 Quj ta vIje'>, 'ach lughchugh je <Quj vIje'>, motlhbe' <De'wI' Quj ta
 vIje'>, 'ej ghaytan tlhInganna'vaD taQ.
 After a purchase at a computer store, do you say "I bought a game" or "I
 bought a computer game CD"? The second is more precise, but in practice,
 nobody uses it and it sounds weird. Does Klingon behave the same way? We do
 not know, and we will probably never find out.
HIja'.  mu' {'aH} vIghItlh 'e' vIHech.

qechlIjQav vIqaD.  Klingon most probably does not behave as does English.  
Klingon is not English and is not based on English.  Attempting to analyze 
Klingon by using English-speaker's thought processes will only lead to 
further errors.  {Quj ta vIje'} vIlo'qang, 'ach {Quj vIje'} vIlo'qangbe'.  
{Quj QujlaHlu' 'ach je'laHbe'lu'} 'e' vIHarbej.


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