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KLBC challenge

pagh is gone for four days. I stand in his place. Apparently you 
beginners have decided to make my task a bit too easy. No KLBC 
posts since pagh has left.


Obviously, I need to pull out the pain stick.

A challenge:

Ask me a question. In Klingon. If you think this assignment is 
too easy, then make it an inventive question. If you think this 
is too hard, make it a simple one.

I'll answer you in Klingon, and you will have to translate the 
answer into English for the rest of the group.

So to be clear: All beginners interested in this assignment have 
to ask a question in Klingon (with KLBC in the subject header). 
If necessary, I'll correct the question or ask for clarification 
(since this is a beginner's exercise after all, and mistakes 
must be expected if one is stretching one's linguistic skills). 
I'll then answer the question in Klingon, broadcast to the 
group, but only the person who asked the question should then 
translate my answer into English for the rest of the group.

Discussion will likely follow.

If nothing else, consider it a fun opportunity to ask me a 
challenging question.

charghwI' 'utlh, boghqa'bogh taghwI' pabpo' ru'

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