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Re: RE: KLBC bom cha'DIch 'e' qon - ghItlh wa'DIch

On Fri, 25 Jun 1999 22:04:23 -0400 Captain Krankor 
<> wrote:

> > I could use opinions from the Peanut Gallery on this matter.
> > [[They have been suspiciously quiet here...
> > ...I though [sic] that this stuff would be torn to pieces by now.]

If you want comments from the peanut gallery, edit "KLBC" out of 
the subject line. Also, note that many of us refuse to deal with 
anything related to poetry. Children learning a language don't 
tend to speak poetry before they speak prose and we find it 
curious that songs and poems are so attractive to people who 
openly confess that they are still very new to this language.

> Qu'DajvaD povqu' pagh.  vaj motlh chelnISbe' latlhpu'.  Hoch Qagh
> luloghmoH nuv law', 'up ghu'.


> jIQochbe', <<tlhegh>> qaq law' <<mIr>> qaq puS.  'ach mu' <<Qu'tlhegh>>
> tu'be'lu' 'ej mu' chu' Da'ogh net chaw'be'.  chaq <<Qu' tlhegh>> vIlo'.
> 'ach naDev mu' <<Qu'>> vIpar.  Doch pIm 'oSlaH mu' "Duty".  "task, chore"
> 'oH <<Qu'>>, 'e' vIHar, 'ach "obligation, responsibility" DaneHlaw' SoH.
> 'ach qa'meH vIghajbe'.

roD qechvamvaD <<Qu'>> vIlo'. "Duty" ngaS TKD "definition". 
<<ghIgh>> yIqel je.
> pong'a'lIjvaD maQoch jIH pagh je.  "fragment" 'oH 'e' vIyaj 'ej mIwvam vInaD.
> 'ach <<jeybe'>> qaq law' <<jeyHa'>> qaq law', "undefeated" rur 'e' DaHechchugh.

vIpar. "He does not defeat" DaHechbe', qar'a'?

> 		--HoD Qanqor

charghwI' 'utlh 

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