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Re: Love (A-Ha!)

On Fri, 25 Jun 1999 20:57:48 -0400 Captain Krankor 
<> wrote:

> Normally, I try to stay out of all the English arguing-about-the-language
> and stick to the fun tlhIngan Hol using-the-language.  But I feel compelled
> to speak out on this -Ha' business.


> Obviously, there are other meanings of -Ha', but there is no question
> that the opposite-of meaning is valid.  Therefore, muSHa' must mean
> mis-hate or dis-hate, or in other words:  to hate badly or wrongly; or
> to un-hate or opposite-of-hate.  Last time I checked, the English word
> which most closely matches this second concept is "love".  There's no
> question that muSHa' can mean "love", at least in some sense of the
> word (and not necessarily all).

not qechvam vItem. mu'vam vIpar neH. roD vIjun neH. lo'chugh 
latlh vaj qay'be'.

pIj yInwIj lunIS parmaq bangpu' je. pIj maQumHa' bangqoqwI' jIH 
je. jIjatlhchu' vIneH. ghaHvaD qarbe' mu' <<muSHa'>>. qechmey 
Sar 'oS. wa' vIHech. latlh pIH bangqoqwI'. vaj maSuv. vaj mu'vam 
vIjun vIneH. DaH choyaj'a'?

> Now, if you don't like it, and don't wanna use it, great, more power to
> you.  I'm sure you'll find interesting and creative alternatives.  What
> I am saying is that there is no basis for going up to other people who do
> choose to use it and yelling "Wrong!"

I don't yell, "Wrong!" I merely yell, "Not always preferable!"

> pItlh.
> 	--Krankor

charghwI' 'utlh

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