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RE: KLBC bom cha'DIch 'e' qon - ghItlh wa'DIch

jatlh Qanqor:

> pong'a'lIjvaD maQoch jIH pagh je. "fragment" 'oH 'e'
> vIyaj 'ej mIwvam vInaD. 'ach <<jeybe'>> qaq law'
> <<jeyHa'>> qaq law', "undefeated" rur 'e' DaHechchugh.

mu'tlhegh naQ 'oHbe'chugh, qay'be'. 'ach Qapchu'be' <jeyHa'>, <jeybe'> je.
pongvam vIlaDDI', jeybe' Sub'e' qelbogh bom 'e' vIpIH. Sub'e' jeybe' vay'
'e' vIQub 'e' Hech qonwI', qar'a'? bomvaD QIvba' pong wa'DIch vIchupbogh,
'ach nIv <jeylu'be'>.

The problem is not that it is a fragment. The problem is that when I read
<jeybe'> or <jeyHa'>, my reaction is that the hero does not defeat whatever
it is that he is struggling with, not that he himself is not defeated. My
first suggestion (vay''e' jeybe'lu'bogh) was obviously not a good name for a
song, but <jeylu'be'> is.

Beginners' Grammarian

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