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Re: Love (A-Ha!)

On Fri, 25 Jun 1999 11:47:31 -0400 Carleton Copeland 
<> wrote:

> ja' charghwI' 'utlh:
> I might suggest that while this all seems like a revellation to
> you, you might try reading TKD, page 47 (4.3 Rovers). Okrand
> explicitly explains that {-Ha'} has two meanings. One is to
> "undo". The other is "do wrongly". TKD really is worth reading.
> jIjang:
> I'm aware of both meanings, as you'd know if you'd been following the 
> discussion.  The issue is that the /-Ha'/ of /muSHa'/, /parHa'/, /QayHa'/, 
> and /tungHa'/ seems to express a third meaning, *do the opposite of*, which 
> I feel is not self-evident or easily derivable from the first two.

Pardon if I'm repeating what others have said.

{muSHa'} is not officially defined anywhere. Those who like this 
word (and I don't) choose its meaning from the general sense 
that {-Ha'} tends to be a stronger negative than {-be'} as is 
evidenced by the difference between {yajbe'} and {yajHa'}. One 
simply does not understand, while the other misunderstands. 
Ignorance misleads one less than misinformation. 

{parHa'} can mean "do badly" if you consider disliking something 
to be a goal oriented activity. Given Klingon culture, this is 
perhaps a valid path to its meaning. I can only like you if I 
fail to dislike you. That is a stronger flavor of liking than 
merely not disliking you. In other words, I'd dislike you if I 
could, but I like you so much, I screw up any effort at 
disliking you. See? It is a cultural statement.

{QayHa'}? nuqjatlh? I don't understand this word. I'd need 
context to figure out what you are doing to the meaning 

{tungHa'} can be treated similar to {parHa'}. Klingons are very 
individualistic in terms of their relationship to their goals. 
Hardship enhances their appreciation of their goals, and so 
overcoming the discouragement of others is so common that if 
someone actually ENCOURAGES you, well, something is afoul! It 
should be marked as quite different from merely not 
discouraging you, in a way similar to the way that 
misunderstanding is different from not understanding.
> As for TKD, I keep reminding people on the list, who are understandably 
> baffled, that, being uncreditworthy and most likely separated by several 
> well-patrolled borders from the nearest copy of TKD, I'm temporarily 
> reliant on kind informants like yourself.

Learning Klingon without TKD is an impressive challenge. The KLI 
can sell you TKD for a sum that most people can save up for who 
have enough money to afford Internet access.
> qa'ral

charghwI' 'utlh

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