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Re: Love (A-Ha!)

ja' charghwI' 'utlh:

I might suggest that while this all seems like a revellation to
you, you might try reading TKD, page 47 (4.3 Rovers). Okrand
explicitly explains that {-Ha'} has two meanings. One is to
"undo". The other is "do wrongly". TKD really is worth reading.


I'm aware of both meanings, as you'd know if you'd been following the 
discussion.  The issue is that the /-Ha'/ of /muSHa'/, /parHa'/, /QayHa'/, 
and /tungHa'/ seems to express a third meaning, *do the opposite of*, which 
I feel is not self-evident or easily derivable from the first two.

As for TKD, I keep reminding people on the list, who are understandably 
baffled, that, being uncreditworthy and most likely separated by several 
well-patrolled borders from the nearest copy of TKD, I'm temporarily 
reliant on kind informants like yourself.


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