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Re: mu'mey Sar

On Fri, 25 Jun 1999 11:14:17 -0400 Carleton Copeland 
<> wrote:

> tlhInganpu', peqIm!
> *mu'mey Sar* QInwIj jangbe'pu' vay'.  meq tu'lu'bej.  chaq ghomvamDaq DIvI' 
> Hol jatlhlaHbe' vay'.  vaj vImugh:  chay' pIm mu'meyvam 'e' tuQIjchugh, 
> tuquvmoH.

law' QInmey. Dajlu'chugh janglu'.
> Suv, ghob, Qoj  (KGT, p. 47)

Largely, these are synonyms and since I don't have KGT with me, 
I can't check your reference to see what shade of meaning Okrand 
was explaining, hence my failure to respond earlier. {Suv} is 
certainly the more generic term, covering a wider range of 
contexts. {ghob} likely has more to do with a single battle or 
conflict. {Qoj} likely would be applied to an ongoing conflict. 
That's just my uninformed gut feeling from the glossed 
definitions I have at my current disposal.
> SuvwI', vaj  (KGT, p. 50)

As I remember it, {vaj} is more typically used to refer to the 
abstract concept of a soldier, while {SuvwI'} refers more to 
someone standing in front of you with a weapon.
> voDleH, ta'  (?)

Most likely, these are synonyms with roots based upon different 
dialects, depending on who was the {voDleH} or {ta'}.
> /KGT/ paqDaq lutu'lu' 'e' muja' muHwI'.  tugh Okrand paqmey vIje' 'ach 
> jIboH!  DaH vISovnIS!  pa' tlhIH 'e' vISovbej.  pejang jay'!

KGTwIj vISamDI' qajangchu'. DaH jIloylaH neH. bIboHmo' jIloy.
> jIghelqa':  chay' *maq-to'vor*, *ma'veq*, *SIto'vo'qor* je lughItlhlu'? 

My guess is that {maq-to'vor} is somebody's guess at a Klingon 
pronunciation of the Paramount-Hol term "Mauk To'Vor", which has 
nothing to do with tlhIngan Hol. It was mentioned in the DS9 
episode "Sons of Mogh".

{ma'veq} -> It is a ceremonial knife used in the ritual of *Mauk 
[seen in ST: DS9 Episode *Sons of Mogh*.]

The word comes from a recording of Okrand's pronunciation at an 
exhibit at 1998 Praxis. 

Okrand has confirmed that the new word for the ceremonial knife 
is {ma'veq}. 

My guess is that *SIto'vo'qor* is someone's guess at the Klingon 
pronunciation of "Stovokor" (or however it is spelled), which 
has been mentioned by Worf (who can't speak Klingon well enough 
to call off a charging targ net Sov) a number of times on TV. It 
is a proper name for a place. I have no record of Okrand ever 
using the word. That doesn't mean that he didn't. It just means 
that I have no record of it. There are quite a few words from 
the body text of KGT not mentioned in its word list that I have 
not managed to collect yet, despite one person's efforts at 
providing me them in a digestible format, but I have not had the 
time for the task yet. Many of those words are proper names, so 
this may be one of them.

>  bIH lo'be'pu'chugh Okrand, mu' lugh rur'a'?

mu'meyvam vIpoQbe'mo' jISaHbe'.
> QInwIj bojangDI' tuquvmoH!

ghobe'. jIjang neH. batlh DabajDI' qaquvmoH.
> qa'ral


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