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Re: Qa'Hom qaDHom (KLBC)

On 24-Jun-99, Eric Andeen wrote:
>While you are away at work, a Qa'Hom enters your kitchen through a small
>tunnel. What does he find? Describe.

(Whats in the brackets is what I intended the above to mean)

ngo'bogh Du' juH vutpa' 'e' 'el Qa'Hom  
(the Qa'Hom enters the old farmhouse kitchen)

bIQ maHpIn tlhej bIQ lInglaHbogh 'och tu'lu'
there is a sink.

naDev raSmey', polbogh pa'Hommey je tu'lu'
(there are tables and cupboards here)

ngop HIvje'mey, barghmey je pol wa' pa'Hom
(one cupboard stores plates, drinking-vessels and pots)

naH tajmey, puq chonnaQmey, baghneQmey je pol pImbogh pa'Hom
(another cupboard stores small knives, forks, spoons) 
/*now how to describe a Drawer? no word for slide/slip or
pull/drag/draw/haul/tug... any ideas?*/

QaDbogh Soj pol pImbogh pa'Hom
(another stores dry food)

bIrbogh Soj pol pImbogh pa'Hom. chIS 'oH pa'Homvam
(another stores cold food. this cupboard is white)

wa' raSDaq maHpIn tu'lu'.   naHmey ngaS maHpIn.
(there is a large bowl on one table. the bowl contains fruit.)

naHmey largh Qa'Hom. ghung Qa'Hom.
(the Qa'Hom smells the fruits. the Qa'Hom is hungry)

botlh ravDaq tuq Saj tu'lu'. targh rur Saj
(In the middle of the floor there is the pet of the family. The pet resembles
a targ.)

DubDaq QottaH Saj. muDDaq bIHtaH 'oH 'uSDu'
(the pet lies on its back. its legs are in the air)

Saj legh Qa'Hom
(the Qa'Hom sees the pet)

law' Saj Ho'Du' 'ej jej bIH 
(the pets teeth are numerous and sharp)

ravDaq Saj nguj Sum je DI yIvpu'bogh' tu'lu'. 
(there is chewed litter on the floor near the pets mouth)

nom 'och chegh Qa'Hom
(the Qa'Hom returns to the tunnel quickly)

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