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Re: KLBC: summer's in, school's out

jatlh DloraH:
> Nelson gave his explaination about -Hom.  I was not aware of that concept in
> French.  It was interesting, and whether correct for klingon or not, it
> broadens my thinking when trying to understand others.
Daj! mu' *pupil* DaSovbe''a'? *USA*Daq lo'be'lu' 'e' vISov,
'ach Sovbe' 'op ghotpu'... 'e' vISovbe'...

(*TKD*Daq *pupil* DelmeH *(of eye)* lo'lu', vaj *pupil* mughlu'meH
<<ghojwI'>> Dalo'laH...)

mu' *ecolier* vISovbe' je; rap *eleve*, *pupil*, *Schueler* je
'e' jIHvaD ghojmoH ghojmoHwI'pu'. rap *etudiant*, *student*,
*Student* je 'e' ghojmoH...

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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