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Re: KLBC: summer's in, school's out

At 09:38 PM 6/22/99 -0500, Nelson Lamoureux wrote:
>So, I used the -Hom to clearly indicate that the students I was talking
>about were still rather young. It's interesting to note that klingon gives
>us a tool (basically the -Hom/-'a' suffixes) to make these subtle semantic
>difference on the lexic without changing the basic meaning of a word.

{-Hom} doesn't carry the inherent meaning of "young".  I imagine
you got this idea from the word {loDHom}, but bear in mind that
this word is actually ambiguous as it stands (I could just as easily
take it to mean "midget", for example).  We know it means "boy"
only because it's defined as such in TKD.  So in this case,
{-Hom} may imply "young", or the Klingons may be focusing on
size, in which case it would imply "small".  After all, we have
the canon {Qa'Hom} which is an animal similar to a {Qa'} but
smaller.  There is no implication that a {Qa'Hom} is the offspring
of a {Qa'}.

-- ter'eS

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