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RE: jIchegh

ja' pagh:
>> wIvqu', qev Holtej
>I know you tagline - "Linguist to the masses", but this is not how you
>should translate it. <qev> is a verb meaning "crowd", so this would be
>interpreted as "The linguist crowds (someone/something)". The noun for
>"crowd" is <ghom'a'>, but I don't think this really gets the idea across
>either. You could consider something Spock would like: <law'wI'pu' Holtej> -
>"Linguist of the many".

In HolQeD 4:4 (December 1995), Okrand describes a number of words that
describe various sorts of groups.  He includes the following:

  {qev} (also {ghom'a'}) "crowd"

The context makes it clear that this is a noun.

(In a rare lapse of his careful collection of words, charghwI' did not
pick up on this usage.  I suspect that's part of the reason it doesn't
appear as a noun in the back of Klingon for the Galactic Traveler.)

-- ghunchu'wI'

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