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Re: Love

jatlh qa'ral, maq:

> I also note (continuing to flog) that, whereas people seemed to feel
> that such negated forms would be avoided by native speakers, some of
> the same people persist in using /vIparHa'/--and in situations in 
> which they plainly do not mean "I no longer dislike it."

There is no implication of time in /-Ha'/.  For "I no longer dislike
it" you'd write something like, /vIpar 'e' vImev/ (lit: "I
stopped/stop/will stop disliking it") or /vIparbe'choHpu'/ (lit: I
have/will have changed to not disliking it).  We know for sure that
/parHa'/ means like.  It says so in TKD.

/-Ha'/ *can* refer to something once done being undone; /baghHa'/ would
definitely be "untie" but it doesn't have to refer to the UNdoing of
something that has been done.  

The extrapolation for /parHa'/ to muSHa' seems reasonable to me, and
while I accept that /muSHa'/ *could* have quite a different meaning,
I'm comfortable with it being used for "love,"  not that that means the
same thing to a Klingon, anyway.

Qov - pab 'utlh

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