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RE: jIchegh

bIcheghmo' mabel. cheghlaw' jatlhwI'pu' law'. maDo'bej.

jatlh wIvqu':

> jupwI',
> qaStaHvIS wa' DIS tlhIngan Hol yejHaD vImuvHa',

<muvHa'> is probably something you do once, not an ongoing action, so this
doesn't quite work. <wa' ben ... vImuvHa'> is better, or you could say
<qaStaHvIS wa' DIS, QInghomvamDaq tlhIngan Hol yejHaDDaq je jIjeSbe'> or
something similar.

> 'ej tlhIngan Hol vIHaDbe' 'ej vIqelbe'.
pab mu'tlheghvam, 'ach Do'Ha'.

> 'ach jIjeSmo' jIQuchbe'.
<jIjeSbe'mo'> DaghItlh 'e' DaHech, qar'a'?

> DaH jIjeSqa'.

> tlhIngan Hol vIghojchu' 'e' vIneHbej.
One of the few exceptions in Klingon is the rule about <neH>: if <neH> is
the second verb in a SAO construction, <'e'> is not used.

> jIjeSlaHtaH 'e' vItIvqu'.

> wIvqu', qev Holtej
I know you tagline - "Linguist to the masses", but this is not how you
should translate it. <qev> is a verb meaning "crowd", so this would be
interpreted as "The linguist crowds (someone/something)". The noun for
"crowd" is <ghom'a'>, but I don't think this really gets the idea across
either. You could consider something Spock would like: <law'wI'pu' Holtej> -
"Linguist of the many".

> P.S. pabwIj bonuD Hoch, 'ej QaghwIjmey bongu' 'e' vIneHbej. HIqIp! :)
lu'. <-mey> is type 2, and <-wIj> is type 4, so reverse the order. Also,
don't use <'e'> with <neH>.

Beginners' Grammarian

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