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Re: mojaq <-jaj> <-ghach> <-ta'> je

In a message dated 5/26/1999 1:14:36 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< > qay'be'.  The Aspect marker {-ta'} has to show an action which is wholly
 > completed.  The completion could be wholly accomplished already right now.
 This suggests you still view completion as a process, and not a state.  
Completion cannot
 be "partly" accomplished.  And the relavant time reference is {wa'leS}.  "As 
of tomorrow,
 I will have changed it again."  As of tomorrow, my act of changing it again 
will be
 accomplished (intentionally).
 > But, because of the time stamp {wa'leS} the whole action will accomplish 
 > completion tomorrow.
 At the time indicated by {wa'les} (tomorrow), the action will be completed.  
It need not
 "accomplish" that state at that time, it may be completed today, or it may 
already be
 completed, it doesn't matter.
 > {-ta'} does not preclude the action being right now, the {wa'leS} does 
 All the {wa'leS} does is indicate that, at that point in time, the action is 
 The action could occur now, or yesterday, or whenever, so long as it's 
completed by
 > The {-ta'} does imply that the entire entity of action is "intentionally
 > perfected."
 At least we agree on that. >>
bIlaDHa' 'e' vItlhoj.  "partially completed" vIghItlhbe'.  "wholly completed" 

HIja'.  qaSpa' wa'leS rInchugh wanI' mojaq {-ta'} wIlo'laH.


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