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Re: KLBC ghItlh 'e' bang

My Hol is, as yet, excreble, so I cannot comment about the actual
structure, but I really LIKE the meanings -- very tlhIngan!


"Qor'etlh valwI'na', Daq marr tuq" wrote:
> I was trying to create pieces to a puzzle, fragments, which when assembled
> become a poem.
> I think that I kept losing the direction [O-V-S] for these fragments.
> Constructive criticism only please. I don't think that outright translations
> will help, but suggestions will enable me to find my own way.
> qatlho'
> Qor'etlh .
> the Poem follows:
> ghItlh'e' bang tlhIngan
> Klingon Love Poetry (the Dauphin)
> HurghtaHvIS jIwam,
> I hunt in darkness,
> Hovmey muDev.
> The stars my guide.
> bIqawwI' mubomtaHvIS 'IwlIj.
> The memory of you sings in my blood.
> cha'nob jInIH,
> I seize the gift,
> QongDaqDaq vIqengmeH,
> Carry it to your bower,
> 'ej tIQDu' jagh vIQot qamDu'rajDaq.
> And lay at your feet the hearts of my enemies.
> Qor'etlh valwI'na', Duy'a' Daq marr tuq, ta' tlhIngan may' yo'
> qepHom 'utlhHom -
> Klingon Language Institute /
> {qo'mey poSmoH Hol} Language opens worlds.
> [ELINT :#17: tlhIngan wo' Duj Qo'noS qa']
> Maybe I'm wrong, but I am always Qor'etlh.
> {nuq, vISaH?}  What, me worry?-

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