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Re: modified Klingon spelling schrieb:

> I use a slightly different version of the Klingon alphabet.  It avoids the
> "eye vs. ell" problem and makes the text a little bit shorter too.

Hey, good idea. I will start to use other letters in english, too. It's
much easier, and the text will become shorter. Instead of "th" I'll
write "f" or "d", "ea" will be just "e". Insted of "a" I'll write "e"
too. Oh, why not use "j" insted of y? Do ju see, it's becomiN muc esier,
isn't it? End, wat els kud we caNe? Perebs no mor "h" at all? Wy do we
need dem for enywey? Wy SuD we rait letters ded we do not pronouns?

Okay, I'll be e bit more serious. If you change the klingon "alfabet",
noone will read your messages. Read the FAQ about this topic!


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