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Re: Klingon hanky-panky

At 08:07 AM 6/8/99 -0700, Rob wrote:
>Worf's display of outrage seemed to be rather peculiar.  Perhaps Worf's
attitude was rather a quaint archaic one.  I doubt that it would apply to
most Klingons.  We do know that Worf wanted and expected marriage, and was
probably upset that it was not going to happen.  This is understandable,
people all over the galaxy get upset when love doesn't go as they hope.
>From female Klingons who served on Klingon ships, they didn't seem all that
chaste to me.  Remember the episode where Riker served on a Klingon ship,
and two Klingon women were sizing him up?
>I would attribute it to Worf's notion of what it is to be a Klingon being
rather idealized, as if Worf were a sort of Klingon knight...

jIQochbe'.  not Qo'noS Dab worIv net Sov.  nenchoHDI' ghaH, tlhIngan tIgh
not tlhIngan yInna' SIQ.  tIgh ghob je ghojnIS neH.  vaj tlhInganna' ghaHbe'
'e' vIHar.  tlhIngan DameH qech ghaj worIv, 'ach rut mujba' qechvam.

-- ter'eS

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