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Klingon hanky-panky

ja' voragh:

>In North America English speakers usually say "bang" with a /b/ 
>which, by the way, is also slang meaning to have quick, unemotional sexual
>intercourse with someone.  How this applies to {bang} "love" (i.e. a lover or
>loved one) tells us much about Okrand's opinion of Klingon romance.

How does this jibe with what else we know of Klingon sexual morality?  I always remember Worf's moral outrage in "The Emissary" (one of my favorites) when K'Ehleyr refused to take the oath of marriage and his disgust at this exhibition of "human" behavior.  I always assumed this meant that /parmaq/ outside of marriage, or at least /parmaq/ not immediately followed by marriage, was taboo, but then again maybe Worf's a bit of a prude in either culture.  (If Klingons have been sleeping around a lot lately on DS9 and Voyager, I wouldn't know about it, as I've been hanging out in a corner of the galaxy where Star Trek is unknown.)


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