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Hello again,
I forgot to ask you if anyone knows something more about a story I read
somewhere. It is about a person that visits Japan (?) and then his car
brakes down. He tries to get help, but because he does not speaks Japanese,
that is rather difficult. Then a car stops next to him and a person from
that car starts to talk Japanese, a language that he does not understand.
Then, all of a sudden this Japanese starts to talk Klingon. That is
something the other guy understands! It appeared that the one guy
(American?) is wearing a Klingon t-shirt and that is how the Japanese man
knew what language to speak.
Does anyone ever heard of this story? Is it correct? Is it true?
Judith Hermans
Judith Hendriks-Hermans
Groesbeeksedwarsweg 229       NL-6521 DJ Nijmegen,          
The Netherlands,              (..+31)(0)24-3609989
" Compromise? Am I wrong then?"

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