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Re: question

Judith Hermans wrote:
: I forgot to ask you if anyone knows something more about a story I read
: somewhere. It is about a person that visits Japan (?) and then his car
: brakes down. He tries to get help, but because he does not speaks Japanese,
: that is rather difficult. Then a car stops next to him and a person from
: that car starts to talk Japanese, a language that he does not understand.
: Then, all of a sudden this Japanese starts to talk Klingon. That is
: something the other guy understands! It appeared that the one guy
: (American?) is wearing a Klingon t-shirt and that is how the Japanese man
: knew what language to speak.
: Does anyone ever heard of this story? Is it correct? Is it true?

Klingono estas la nova Esperanto.  vIparHa'qu'!

Maybe we all should start wearing little Klingon trefoils on our lapels
when we
travel.  {{;-)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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