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Re: Love (jIjegh!)

Ok, I know when to say /vav loDnI'/.  I infer from ghunchu'wI's and SuStel's comments that TKD, KGT, etc. do not list /muSHa'/, /tungHa'/ and /Qochbe'/ as *love*, *encourage*, and *agree* and that these translations, as I found them /De'qo'Daq/, are someone's unauthorized expansions.  This weakens my argument to the point of failure.  Sadly, it also means I know three less Klingon words than I thought I did.  *I agree* is of course not the equivalent of *I don't disagree*, and *You encourage me* is quite distinct from *You no longer discourage me*.  I'll just have to be inventive in coming up with ways to say the former in Klingon.  Curious, though, that /parHa'/ is the lone exception.  If this word has been stretched beyond the prescribed sense of *undoing*, then maybe there's hope for the others as well.  My apologies to SuStel for misconstruing his view.  jImob.


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