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interesting sites

hello all,
After a few months my thesis ("Klingon and its users. A sociolinguistic
profile") will be almost ready. The first concepts are ready, but they
maybe need some correction.
To my opinion it would be nice if I would enclosure an appendix with my
thesis where the readers of the thesis could find some of the most
interesting, most bizarre, most strange sites that exist about Klingons,
their culture and their language not to forget. I found some of them, but
I'm sure you have the knowledge of more sites.
So, if you have a site that should be in this enclosure; mail it to me.
Judith Hermans
Judith Hendriks-Hermans
Groesbeeksedwarsweg 229       NL-6521 DJ Nijmegen,          
The Netherlands,              (..+31)(0)24-3609989
" Compromise? Am I wrong then?"

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