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RE: mojaq <-jaj> <-ghach> <-ta'> je

> ======================
> bIlaDHa' 'e' vItlhoj.  "partially completed" vIghItlhbe'.  "wholly completed"
> vIghItlhta'.

I did not misread anything.  I can quite plainly see that you wrote "wholly completed" and
"wholly accomplished."  But I did NOT write "partially completed," I wrote "partly
accomplished."  (If you're going to bother to quote me, quote me accurately, especially
when you're accusing me of misreading.)  You had written:

> << > qay'be'.  The Aspect marker {-ta'} has to show an action which is wholly
> << > completed.  The completion could be wholly accomplished already right now.

Now, what *I* said is that this _suggests_ that you view aspect as a process.  To say that
something can be "wholly" accomplished _suggests_ that it can also be "partly"
accomplished, which is why I used the words "partly accomplished."  And what you wrote
after that corroborates this hypothesis:

> << > But, because of the time stamp {wa'leS} the whole action will accomplish
> << > its completion tomorrow.

This implies that it might begin its completion today, and complete it by tomorrow.  In
other words, it's a process.  You have to view it as a state.  That is, a true or false
condition, like a lightswitch that is either on or off (no dimming!).  If the action is
completed, the light is on.  If the action is not completed, the light is off.  Jumpin
jeehosefats, I can't believe we've been at this thread for months now and you still don't
get this point.

> HIja'.  qaSpa' wa'leS rInchugh wanI' mojaq {-ta'} wIlo'laH.

Only if the action was accomplished deliberately.

> peHruS

-- Holtej 'utlh

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