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maja'chuq pI'lo, jIH je:

>> > qabwIjvo' ghIchvam vIteq vIneH.
>> 'aw'!

> Stings? ghobe'. itches like nachwIjDaq mI'law'taH ghewmey!
> ghobe'. what I meant to say is: vetlhvetlh ngaS nachwIj.

qablIjvo' ghIchlIj Dateqchugh vaj 'aw'bej.

Very nice descriptions. I'm glad they are not being applied to me.

>> ... Also, I am pretty sure you want <HuH> rather than <Hut>.

> yeah, HuH. But maybe it's nine kinds of Hell in that vuSHa' Hal.

<vuS> means "limit" rather than "be limited", so this needs to be
<vuSbe'lu'bogh Hal>.

> allergy is not systemic like a virus. How do you express the
> concept of an allergy? I was toying with something using
> < nga'chuqchoHmoH tI > but it seemed too weird.

That would cause a different kind of itch . . .

How about <ghIchwIj berghmoHchu' tIvam>. I think anything beyond that for a
description of allergies would get long and unwieldy, using technical terms
we don't have. You can always say <*allergy vISIQ> as well.

>> laHlIj DaDubchu'lI' jay'! tlhoS jIHarlaHbe'! Qov Darurlaw'.

> Golly, Mr. pagh, I think you've overestimated me, but I'm mightily
> flattered. Besides, she's much taller than I am. }};-) Pillow

Your grasp of Klingon grammar has improved immensely in the last two
*weeks*. Keep it up!

Beginners' Grammarian

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