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RE: "The librarian in me"

jatlh Qov:
> The librarian in me won't let this question be answered as it stands,
jatlh Voragh:
> A Klingon word just struck me while reading Qov's post--or perhaps I 
> just remembered it from someone else on the list: {paqpo'}, on the 
> model of {pabpo'}, both of which Qov is:
>   pabpo' paqpo' je ghaH Qov'e'
>   Qov, grammarian and librarian
> Not perfect perhaps, but I do like the sound of it!

Actually, I was referring to euphony, not etymology - though I still think
a good fit for the latter, as a librarian (Latin *librarius*) is one who deals
professionally with books (Latin *libri*).  Of course, so do book sellers and
bibliographers, but that's another argument.
: When I described this word to my wife (also a librarian), she got a bit
: upset. After a short discussion, she decided that <De' pIn> would be a good
: description.

... which would also describe a spy, secret policeman or informer.

De gustibus non disputandum.

Let me guess: Your wife is one of those trendy "information specialists" who
disdain anything so archaic as an honest to G-d paper book.  As for me, I
generally catalog rare books (this week I had several 16th century Latin
treatises on Christian theology), as well as miscellaneous books in "funny"
scripts (Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, etc.).  

And, before you ask, I'm also involved in metadata cataloging of various
Internet resources - ask your wife about the CORC Project - as well as
maintaining some departmental web pages.  I just get a greater sense of
satisfaction working with tangible, physical documents to the newer
online "resources".  But then, I'm an archaeologist by education, if not by
profession.  (Compared to the cuneiform tablets I handled in graduate school,
the printing press and incunabulae *are* the new technology!) 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons
Steven Boozer   University of Chicago Library

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