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RE: "The librarian in me"

jatlh Qov:
> The librarian in me won't let this question be answered as it stands,

jatlh Voragh:

> A Klingon word just struck me while reading Qov's post--or perhaps I 
> just remembered it from someone else on the list: {paqpo'}, on the 
> model of {paqpo'}, both of which Qov is:

>  pabpo' paqpo' je ghaH Qov'e'
>  Qov, grammarian and librarian

> Not perfect perhaps, but I do like the sound of it!

When I described this word to my wife (also a librarian), she got a bit
upset. After a short discussion, she decided that <De' pIn> would be a good

Beginners' Grammarian

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