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RE: taghwI' qaD

bIcheghmo' mabel, quljIb. lenglIj DaDelDI' qayajchu', 'ach Qagh puS tu'lu'.

jatlh quljIb:

>> nuqneH, quljIb!
>>  SKI:  Welcome back!

> tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhqa' 'e' VineHqu'!

<'e'> is not used when the second verb is <neH>.

> wejmaH Soch Hu' *London*Daq *Ireland*Daq je vIleng.
> *London* veng Hoch vIleghlaHbe' 'ach HIq qachmey law' vISuch.

tachmey Daqel'a'? HIq laSvarghmey Daqel'a'?

> *Ireland*Daq waQpu' chal 'ej jajmey puS loQ SISpu'.

<waQ> is a verb meaning "obstruct", so you would either have to say <chal
luwaQ 'engmey> or use a different verb and say <HuvHa' chal>. I'm also not
clear on why you used the perfective suffix <-pu'> here.

> SuDqu' puH!  loSmaH SuDmey tu'lu'!  tugh jIchegh 'e' vIneH.

Same comment about <'e'> as before. Also, since <SuD> is a verb, the
<SuDmey> bit is ungrammatical, but I suspect you knew that and did it
anyway, which I don't have a problem with.

Beginners' Grammarian

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