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RE: Rating

jatlh Qel:

> Hello i am doing a bit of reaserch and need help.  Could anyone with a
> little spare time send me an email ( [email protected] please send it
> straight to me so as to save space on the lists) With all of the
> languages you know, other than your mothertongue, rated on a scale of
> 1-100 , 1 being a baby could learn it without being taught and 100
> being it takes a lot of learning.  Please rate All languages you know,
> be it artificial or real.

tlhoS Hoch HolvaD wa' pernISlu': reH Holmey ghojtaH ghupu'. 'ej ghaytan
wa'vatlh pernISlu' je: nenchoHpu'DI' vay', Hol ghojmeH vumnISba'.

This question (as you have posed it) is impossible to answer: *every*
language (except maybe lojban) would have to be labeled 1, since babies can
and do learn languages every day. And learning any language takes "a lot of
learning" for most adults.

Beginners' Grammarian

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