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Hello i am doing a bit of reaserch and need help.  Could anyone with a
little spare time send me an email ( please send it
straight to me so as to save space on the lists) With all of the
languages you know, other than your mothertongue, rated on a scale of
1-100 , 1 being a baby could learn it without being taught and 100
being it takes a lot of learning.  Please rate All languages you know,
be it artificial or real.

Thank you,
C.J. Miller---Qel

" I can see you Kirk.  can you see me?"
     General Chang  Star Trek The Undescovered Country
     "Namárie, Hennaid evyr."
     Quenya/Sindarin for farewell, many thanks
     " They  invade our territory and we fall back. 
     They assimilate entire worlds and we fall back.
     The line MUST be drawn here!" Capt.Picard ST:FC
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