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KLBC: Re: jIlIH'egh

Hi Marc,

> > P.S.: Thank Langenscheidt and mu' HaqwI'!! ;)
> Langenscheidt? If you're talking about "Das offizielle
> Wörterbuch Klingonisch/Deutsch Deutsch/Klingonisch"
> published by Heel (although they somehow got away with
> imitating Langenscheidts cover), could you please,
> please, please, PLEASE not use it? pretty please?

ghobe'. Do' paqvam vIlo'be'. 'oH chojatlh 'e' maj. qatlho'.

... I meant "Englisch-Deutsch/Deutsch-Englisch", because writing mails in English
isn't so easy for me. ;-) You're welcome to correct my most disastrous, English
mistakes, too. *g*

> it is so full of mistakes that you will be much better
> off using the English version and translating Klingon->
> English->German and vice versa. Believe me! I've done
> it - and in fact am still doing it for Klingon words
> I haven't learned yet.

luq. qeSvamvaD qatlho'. :)

At the moment I have to translate all sentences in this order 'Klingon - English -
German', becaues I use only the mu' HaqwI' - and it is in English ...

Do'Ha' "TKD" vIghajbe'. :( 

...'ach mu' HaqwI' vIlo' 'ej tlhIngan Hol ghojmeH wa' QIch paQDI'norgh (Christoph
Krüger's in German) vIlo'. 

(can I use here 'QIch paQDI'norgh' when I mean a 'Klingon course'?)

I think my last sentence isn't right ... so I'll say it in Englisch once more *g*

I used a Klingon course which was created by Christoph Krüger (does anyone know
him/this course?) in German. So until now I didn't buy TKD, but I think that
I'll buy it soon ... but at the moment I need my money for the summer holidays ... ;)
I'm going to visit a friend in south Germany because I want to see the eclipse of the
sun and the trip with the train is expensive. I'll have to drive from Kassel to
Stuttgart. From Stuttgart to Munich. From Munich to Stuttgart. And from Stuttgart to
Hamburg. Yes, and that costs a lot *grummel* :(

Qu'vatlh!! ..... ;)

But as soon as I have enough money again, I'll buy TKD :)

Surak/Mr. Langenscheidt ;))

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