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Re: KLBC: jIlIH'egh

jatlh HomDoq:

>jatlh Surak:
>> P.S.: Thank Langenscheidt and mu' HaqwI'!! ;)
>Langenscheidt? If you're talking about "Das offizielle
>Wörterbuch Klingonisch/Deutsch Deutsch/Klingonisch"
>published by Heel (although they somehow got away with
2>imitating Langenscheidts cover), could you please,
>please, please, PLEASE not use it? pretty please?

mu'ghomqoqvetlh lo'be'law' Surak. chay' vISov? wot {vum} lo'. DIp 'oH wot
{vum}'e' 'e' maq mu'ghomqoqvetlh.

>it is so full of mistakes that you will be much better
>off using the English version and translating Klingon->
>English->German and vice versa. Believe me! I've done
>it - and in fact am still doing it for Klingon words
>I haven't learned yet.

mIw rap lo'law' Surak. <English-German> mu'ghomDaj 'oHba'

>                                           Marc Ruehlaender
>                                           aka HomDoq


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