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Re: jIDach (KLBC)

jatlh T'Lod:

>In a message dated 7/24/99 12:44:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
><< >The verbs I
> >know acting in the way you described are chegh, jaH, ghoS, vIH, paw, and
> >leng.
> Are you sure? I've found some debates in the list's archives about this
> topic, and they seem to say that {jaH}, {ghoS} and {leng} are the verbs
> work this way. {vIH}, {paw} and {chegh} seem to have not been mentioned to
> work this way. And Okrand clearly stated that there is no general rule for
> this.
> HovqIj
> -- temporary BG
>  >>
>Just recently on the Newsgroup, I found a discussion on chegh when Okrand
>discussing ghoS and jaH -

[quote snipped]

Oh, I'm so foolish! This was posted to the list only a few days (!) ago. I
even saved the message! DopDaq qul yIchenmoH QobDI' ghu'! rut potlhmey
qawlaHbe'law' yabwIj. jIqanchoHlaw'...

>paw and vIH I am unsure about, and I will stay away from  any misuse of
>until their position is clarified, but ghoS, jaH, leng, and chegh all work
>basically the same way.

Thank you for reposting this. I seem to have Alzheimer's disease.

-- temporary BG


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