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jatlh pI'lo:

>Pillow (a.k.a. pI'lo) says:
>    I can relate to Edy, when he (she?) relates how people react to our
>interest in tlhIngan Hol. Last night I was extremely lucky. I was bored
>at work, but it is too dark in the bar to study or work on any
>translations. I struck up a conversation with a customer who also seemed
>bored. I asked him what sort of things he does for fun. He said I
>wouldn't be interested. I said "Try me." He shrugged and told me that he
>teaches Esperanto. I said, "Isn't it a drag when there is nobody local
>to share your interest in an obscure, fabricated language?" We proceeded
>to have a wonderful conversation, comparing Esperanto to tlhIngan Hol.
>Too bad the little laminated prefix/suffix chart I carry in my waitress
>cache was too tiny for him to read, and I'd left my dog-eared copy of
>TKD in my gym bag!

Dajqu' lutlIj.

>    When I got home after work, the answering machine was blinking. I
>had a long distance message from the qep'a'. Marc Okrand himself left a
>greeting and confirmed that he would be at the convention in Baltimore
>the 2nd weekend in October.

bIDo'ba'. qepvam DatIvjaj!

>I marvel at how tiny the universe really is.
>As a rank beginner who spent over an hour today on one measly little
>sentence, HaDtaHghachvam vItIvqu'!

maj. Your sentence is grammatically correct. But I'm a grammarian at the
moment, so I have to comment on everything. :-)
Klingon is a verb centric language. The {-ghach} suffix seems to be a great
tool for English speakers to translate English nouns easily into Klingon.
Though it's not wrong to use it, you should try to avoid it wherever this
is possible. {-ghach} is the perfect tool in some situations, but these
situations are rare, very rare. You shouldn't need to use it more than
several times a year. Concerning your sentence, there's a simple way to say
it with a verb:
(tlhIngan Hol) vIHaDtaH 'e' vItIvqu' - I like that I study (the Klingon
language) continuously --> I like studying (Klingon)

BTW: it's KLBC, not KLBG. The abbreviation stands for: Klingon Language
Beginner's Contribution. In busy times on this list the BGs tend to read the
KLBCs first, and may even have to delete other posts. So be sure to write
KLBC to get the BG's attention.

-- temporary BG

>        Ms. Pillow/pI'lo

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