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I liked read your letters, Pillow

You´re right, it´s wonderful can see that ... in everywhere, in everyone,
the most important is have one ideal

Perhaps, one ideal also for we, but ... that´s good

Pillow escribió:

> Pillow (a.k.a. pI'lo) says:
>     I can relate to Edy, when he (she?) relates how people react to our
> interest in tlhIngan Hol. Last night I was extremely lucky. I was bored
> at work, but it is too dark in the bar to study or work on any
> translations. I struck up a conversation with a customer who also seemed
> bored. I asked him what sort of things he does for fun. He said I
> wouldn't be interested. I said "Try me." He shrugged and told me that he
> teaches Esperanto. I said, "Isn't it a drag when there is nobody local
> to share your interest in an obscure, fabricated language?" We proceeded
> to have a wonderful conversation, comparing Esperanto to tlhIngan Hol.
> Too bad the little laminated prefix/suffix chart I carry in my waitress
> cache was too tiny for him to read, and I'd left my dog-eared copy of
> TKD in my gym bag!
>     When I got home after work, the answering machine was blinking. I
> had a long distance message from the qep'a'. Marc Okrand himself left a
> greeting and confirmed that he would be at the convention in Baltimore
> the 2nd weekend in October. I marvel at how tiny the universe really is.
> As a rank beginner who spent over an hour today on one measly little
> sentence, HaDtaHghachvam vItIvqu'!
>         Ms. Pillow/pI'lo

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