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Re: Hello !

Sarah Goshman wrote:

>Alright, I've been lurking here for quite some time, and was afraid to post
>since I'm not fluent enough in Klingon to introduce myself that way... but
>since I guess I'm not the only one doing introductions in English..
>Hi, I'm Sarah.  or Sa'ra... cuz I just like the way that sounds in Klingon.

Welcome to the list, Sarah/Sa'ra! Since you've been lurking for a while, I
guess you already know the BG spiel. I'm HovqIj, I'm filling in for pagh as
BG during qep'a'.

>Anyway, I just became interested in Klingon recently, and I already bought
>the dictionary, both cassette tapes, the Klingon Way, and Klingon for the
>Galactic Traveller.... or something like that.


>I've been studying a lot,
>but still not enough to speak or understand without my book nearby... i
>guess it'll come.

Just have a try. The more you write, the faster you'll learn. mu'tlheghmey
nap tIqon. paq DaqonnISbe'.

>Anyway, I'm 16, from NY, and a relatively new trekkie,
>thanks to my friend Amanda who also sparked my interest in tlhIngan Hol.  I
>love RPGs and I'm on 4 Star Trek ships, as well as 2 academies, and some
>other non-star trek stuff.  So, that's me... at least as much of me as is
>relevant to this list.  C-ya around!!

tlhIngan Hol DaHaDchu'jaj.

-- temporary BG

>IM: horse42lvr
>ICQ: 12335087
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